Welcome to the IAITAM ACE 2019! Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Still have questions? Stop by Registration, an IAITAM staff member will be there and happy to help!

Remember that you must be logged in to access the full site.

How do I login to the website?

  1. Select login from the menu
  2. Use your IAITAM.org credentials to login
  3. Forget your password? Scroll to the bottom and enter your email address for a password reminder.
  4. Still having password problems? Stop by Registration for help.

What is the wifi information?

Password: #iaitamace

Where is Registration? When is it open?

Registration is right outside Grand Ballroom 1 (View map here). Registration will be open

  • Tuesday the 21st from 3 PM-5 PM
  • Wednesday the 22nd from 7 AM-5 PM
  • Thursday the 23rd from 7 AM-5 PM
  • Friday the 24th from 7 AM-3 PM

Please note that Registration will be closed during Opening and Keynote daily.

Do I have to wear my badge?

Yes. Your badge must be worn at all times.

How do I download the presentations?

  1. Login to the site
  2. View the full schedule
  3. Select the presentation that you would like more information about
  4. Scroll down and select “Presentation Download”

Please note that presentations are available for download after May 21st

Where can I get an exhibition passport? When is the passport drawing?

Exhibition passports will be handed out at the doors when the Exhibit Hall opens, Wednesday the 22nd at 6 PM.

Visit the exhibition booths and get a stamp from each of them. Drop off your completed passport at the IAITAM booth or the Registration Desk.

The passport drawing will happen during Closing Ceremonies, Friday the 24th. There are great prizes like ACE passes and IAITAM classes to be won, so be present for your chance to win!

When/Where is _________?

View the full schedule and scroll until you find the event you are looking for. You can also use the filter (the funnel image in the corner) to filter by day, location, or topic.


#IAITAMACE is the hashtag for this event! Share your pictures and ‘aha’ moments on social media and include #IAITAMACE in the post to be featured on our social media wall!

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Where do I fill out the session speaker survey?

Your feedback on the speaker surveys help us shape future ACE events, and we appreciate your feedback!

The link for speaker surveys is directly below their presentation download. There will also be paper surveys in each session room if you prefer.

Where do I fill out the overall ACE survey?

Your feedback on these surveys help us shape future ACE events, and we appreciate your feedback!

The ACE event survey is available under the ACE Tools menu options.

Where do I fill out the ITAM industry survey?

The results of the ITAM Practitioner Survey are intended to provide insight into the professional characteristics of ITAM practitioners and their roles in the organization.

The survey can be found under the ACE Tools menu.

How will I know if the schedule changes?

Any schedule changes will be announced each morning during opening. They will also be shared under the announcements tab.

Can I store my luggage somewhere?

Luggage storage is available on the lobby level in the North Tower.