Vista IT Group
5282 East Paris Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Starting from a humble two-man operation in 1986, Vista IT Group has steadily grown into one of the largest and most established technology providers in the country. Today we are an ISO 9001 certified data center reseller serving over 8,000 customers on more than four continents from our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the last 30 years, Vista has earned a reputation of being a trusted and unbiased solutions provider who quickly adapts to meet the ever-changing technology needs of our customers. Equipped with a 64,000 sq. ft warehouse, a technical integration/testing center filled with more than a dozen certified product engineers, an excess of $7MM of data center inventory, and comprehensive lifecycle management service to include hard drive erasure/destruction, complete auditing, asset tag removal, and environmentally responsible (R2 compliant) recycling, Vista is positioned to solve your technology needs no matter how simple or complex they are.