Global E Waste Solutions
5205 Highway 169N Plymouth MN 55442

Global E-waste solutions is a leading provider of IT asset management and disposition solutions. With facilities in Canada, USA and Singapore, and a vetted partner network we can offer quality end of life services on a global scale. Global E-waste Solutions is committed to responsibly managing Data Security, Asset Decommissioning, Recycle Process and end of life IT Assets.

As a leader in managing the complete lifecycle of IT assets, we offer a full suite of solutions and services to enterprise and end users to manage their asset data secure, refurbishing and remarketing.

We believe in a sustainable future. Our mission is to encourage consumers and businesses to reuse whenever possible. When that isn’t feasible, we strive to achieve a zero landfill objective, thus maximizing asset longevity and protect our environment.

Data Security – Each classified or sensitive information will be destroyed properly prior to reselling and your company is protected from the risk, giving you peace of mind.

Cost Saving – IT Asset Recovery can reduce or eliminate the cost of storing end of life systems.

Global environment responsibility – Each e-waste asset will be recycled and refurbished into a new product.

Image Protection – Proper data destruction will lead to a good brand reputation. Your organization’s image will be completely protected.

Maximized ROI – IT Asset recovery enables a company to maximize their ROI by reducing costs through equipment that no longer has operational value.
Industry leading Data Sanitization
Indemnified electronic recycling
Custom Asset recovery services
Maximized IT asset remarketing returns
Secure On-site Data erasure
IT Redeployment options
Logistics support
End-of-lease management