Every ITAM program is in a race. No, it’s not a race against other departments and it’s not a competition between ITAM programs in other organizations. The fact is, every program is in a race against itself—a race against what it was yesterday.  A healthy ITAM program must always be in a race to a better version of itself. At the end of the race in the winner’s circle is the daily achievement of ultimate program maturity. The ideal, close-to-perfect-as-possible ITAM program with clear processes, effective policies, accurate inventory, zero audits, etc. How is this possible? By putting you in the driver’s seat! This spring, IAITAM will show ACE attendees how to drive that race and cross the finish line catching the checkered flag in record time.

Every racecar driver has a pit crew equipped with tools: wrenches, hammers, jacks and more. IAITAM is your ITAM program’s pit crew! At the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition we’ll give you the tools you need to win the race. This could be a breakout session about software asset management, a motivational keynote, or possibly a networking opportunity that not only answers important questions but often results in building relations with a new colleague. The IAITAM ACE provides more tools to strengthen that “racecar” program of yours, making it like a finely tuned engine which runs faster and smoother than it ever has before. Let IAITAM help you drive your program into the winner’s circle!

Buckle yourself in, strap on those helmets, and start your engines because the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition is pulling into San Diego, CA May 22-24!